August 24 - Millionaire Mayhem

Millionaire Mayhem: Your Money or Your Life!
August 24, 2019

***This event is Sold Out***


It's the 1880's and local man, turned oil millionaire John Steel, whom you may know as 'Coal Oil Johnny,' has returned to his home in the 'valley that changed the world' to visit his oil fields and lavishly squander his fortune. You'll be his guest on the inaugural trip of the Oil Creek & Titusville Railroad along with his entourage of ladies, lackeys and other old-timey folk heading for work in the Oil Creek oil fields.

But things aren't as crackerjack as they may seem - the black gold and its pursuit leads many down the slippery slope from hijinks to mayhem to old-fashioned unlawful death!

Journey back in time and see if your sleuthing skills are up to snuff for the rip-roaring, boom-town, fun-in-a-bucket 1880's!

The evening starts at 4:45 pm with dinner at Perry Street Station, 409 S Perry St, Titusville, PA with a buffet dinner for all guests by Stewart's Premier Catering. The Mystery Train departs Perry Street Station at 6:15 pm. The train returns to the depot at approximately 9:00 pm where dessert is served and for the resolution of the show. Cost includes buffet dinner, train ride, show, dessert and gratuity. Not recommended for children under age 16 due to some suggestive language. Alcohol is not permitted.

$70 per person. RESERVATIONS REQUIRED - call 814-676-1733 or click here to print reservation form.
Planning to join your friends for one of our dinners? Not a problem, just let us know ahead of time as it is assigned seating for our dinners. We'll make every effort to see you are seated together.
No video as shows are copyrighted by In All Seriousness. Not wheelchair accessible.
The actions and characters in this play are not intended to depict any actual person, living or deceased.