Photo Freight Charter

May 28, 2022
3 pm
***Sold Out***

Join the Oil Creek & Titusville Railroad and Oil Creek & Titusville Lines on a special photo/video charter.
You may have been through the “Valley that changed the world”, but never quite like this!

Your ride departs promptly at 3 pm at Perry Street Station where you will board a combination train that will make
a few stops down our mainline track into Oil Creek State Par, after which your train will head Northbound and then
proceed east out the Fieldmore freight line for additional shots along this manufacturing landscape.

This run will use the entire family of engines that are located in Titusville. Fans of the Alco S-2 locomotives will
be delighted to see Engines 75 & 85 together. And the M-420W 3568 will also be an integral part of the event
as it will finally be joining the other engines in true Oil Creek & Titusville colors.
This will be a 5-hour event that will allow you to be one of the first to see the unveiling of 3568 with the OC&T colors.

For those interested in this event, tickets are limited (35 seats) and will be available by calling 814-676-1733.
Payment can be made via credit/debit card over the phone to secure your seat.

Cost of the event is $50.
Box lunches will be available by pre-order only at an additional $15.
Please plan to arrive at least by 2:15 pm to pick up your tickets.
Boarding will begin at approximately 2:30 pm.


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