Oil Creek & Titusville Railroad

Murder Mystery Dinners

Join us for a special evening of fun, fine food and murder! See if you can outwit the detective and other guests. Be the one to solve the crime and win a prize.

Your evening begins at 4:45 pm at Perry Street Station, 409 S Perry St, Titusville, PA with a buffet dinner (click here for menu)for all guests by Stewart’s Premier Catering. The show, by In All Seriousness, will move to the train for the main acts of the play. Train departs Perry Street Station at 6:15 pm. You will then return to the depot at approximately 9:00 pm where dessert is served and for the resolution of the show. Reservations required; space is limited.

Scroll down for show titles and dates for each “Mayhem”.

Event Dates:

(Scroll down for more details on each “Mayhem”)

June 15 – Master Angler Mayhem (Sold Out)
July 20 – Matriarch Mayhem (Sold Out)
August 24 – Master Angler Mayhem
August 31 – Murder Mystery Mayhem
September 7 – Matriarch Mayhem
September 14 – Murder Mystery Mayhem (Sold Out)
September 21 – Master Angler Mayhem
September 28 – Murder Mystery Mayhem
October 26 – Metaphysical Mayhem II

Departure Time:

Buffet Dinner starts at 4:45 PM and the Train departs at 6:15 PM. Please plan to arrive no later than 4:30.
Train Ride Time: Approximately 3 Hours. Event will last until approximately 9:30 pm.

Train Boarding:

409 S Perry St,
Titusville, PA

Ticket Information & Pricing:

$75 per person

Cost includes dinner, the train ride, show, dessert and gratuity.
Alcohol is not permitted.

Advanced Ticket Reservations:

Advance reservations will not be accepted after 2 pm on the Friday prior. Tickets are non-refundable.

By Phone:

Call 814-676-1733

By Email, mail or Fax:

Click here to print our Ticket Reservation Form.

More Information:

Not recommended for children under the age of 16 due to some suggestive dialogue and language.

Dress for the weather, Coach cars do not have air conditioning. Evening is generally concluded by 9:15 to 9:30 pm.

Planning to join your friends for one of our dinners? If you are meeting someone who has a separate reservation, just let us know ahead of time, as it is assigned seating for our dinners. We’ll make every effort to see you are seated together.

Why not make your evening truly special by staying overnight in an actual Caboose car? Call The Caboose Motel at 814-827-5730 to check availability. With only 21 Cabooses, they book up quickly!


No videos as the shows are copyrighted by In All Seriousness.

Sorry, this event is not wheelchair accessible.

As this is a Special Event, pets are not permitted.  

Oil Creek & Titusville Railroad reserves the right to cancel any train ride due to circumstances beyond our control.

Please be aware: we do not have e-tickets. Anyone trying to sell you e-tickets is trying to scam you. You can only be assured to receive verified tickets for any of our events by contacting us directly by phone at 814-676-1733, or by faxing/emailing/mailing reservation form found on our website to us.

Matriarch Mayhem
“The Stromboli Family Reunion”

July 20 (Sold Out)
September 7

Join Mama Filomena Stromboli and her crazy extended family for a raucous Italian family reunion celebrating her 80th birthday. All in the family are wishing her well, buttering her up trying to get their name in the will, and hilariously in-fighting only the way a big loving Italian family can.

Unfortunately, sometimes the family that stays together, preys together, and murder is definitely a part of the program for tonight’s festivities!

Match your wits against the witless and try to solve tonight’s whacking—err, murder, before the spaghetti sauce hits the fan!

Master Angler Mayhem
“Murder Takes the Bait”

June 15 (Sold Out)
August 24
September 21

It’s the fishing tournament of tournaments, and we’re all enroute to beautiful Lake Iwannabangya where the fish aren’t the only thing that are biting! As everyone tries to prepare for tomorrow’s early morning takeoff, it seems the participants are fishing for trouble rather than for fish.

Will they all make the weigh-in without anyone going overboard—literally?

Figure out the angle on our master anglers and reel in the troublemaker before someone gets away with murder!  (PS. It’s not really about fishing – it’s about ‘whodunit’!)


Murder Mystery Mayhem
“Slay ’em Again, Sam”

August 31
September 14 (Sold Out)
September 28

You and your group are in the audience at DiPlace for Murder theatre, attending their “Dinner with the Detectives” series, a murder mystery show where you dine with the world’s greatest literary detectives while they solve the murder of their mysterious host. When a “real” dead body is discovered in the theatre, the evening takes on an edgy twist as the actors try to unravel the dastardly plot going on behind the scenes.

Unfortunately, one of them is planning an encore that will drop the curtain early on someone’s life. See if you can out-sleuth the sleuths and find the culprit who is slaying them in the aisles… and on the stage!

Metaphysical Mayhem II
“Ghost Chasers and The Depot Ghost!”

October 26

Hauntings have plagued the Oil Creek and Titusville Railroad Depot for ages, and for tonight’s entertainment, they’ve called back the nuttiest group of professionals in paranormal investigation, the Ghost Chasers!

Throughout the evening you will work with the Ghost Chasers searching for paranormal activity and debunking myths. But during their efforts to find the truth about the Perry Street Depot Ghost, one of them is scheming to send a Ghost Chaser on the ultimate chase—one with no return!

We’ll help you figure out “whodunit”, “how” and “why” based on clues that will be introduced in various scenes and repeated during an interrogation of the remaining suspects which will take place after the murder. Of course, feel free to question the characters about any of the events you may witness.

Once the interrogation is over, you will be challenged to fill out your ballot with your guesses. If your super-sleuthing is in good form, or your fabulous Halloween costume is voted the very best, you may qualify to win a prize.

Add into all this the expert improvisational specialists from The Comedy Troupe In All Seriousness and you’ll find we’ve got a killer evening planned!

So don’t get tricked or treated out of a fun and laugh-filled evening, even though one of the spooky characters you see may be the real deal!

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