Oil Creek & Titusville Railroad

Peter Cottontail Express

This Event is Sold Out

Bring the whole family to see Peter Cottontail.

Take the train for a 3-hour round trip, including the Easter Egg Hunt. Advanced reservations are strongly recommended since this event usually sells out.

  • Small gifts for children 12 and under.
  • Easter Egg Hunt – two age groups:  ages 6 & under and ages 7 to 12. Be sure to bring a bag or basket for your child to use to collect eggs.
  • Find a Silver or Gold egg for a special prize!
  • Jellybean counting contest – guess how many jellybeans are in the container and the one closest without going over will win a prize!

Event Date:

April 8 – This event is Sold Out

Departure Time:

1:00 PM
Please plan to arrive at least 1 hour prior to departure time

Train Ride Time:

Approximately 3 Hours

Train Boarding:

409 S Perry St,
Titusville, PA

Ticket Information & Pricing:

First Class:

$45 per person (all ages)


Adults $25 per person
Seniors (ages 60+) $23 per person
Children (ages 1-12) $19 per child (under 1 are free in Coach only)

Click here for info on the difference between First Class and Coach

Advanced Ticket Reservations:

Advance reservations will not be accepted after 2pm on the Friday prior. . Tickets are non-refundable.

By Phone:

Call 814-676-1733

By Email or Fax:

Click here to print our Ticket Reservation Form.

More Information:

Due to space limitations, pets, bicycles, canoes or kayaks are not permitted on Special Event Rides.

Dress according to weather conditions. Our Perry Street Station and the Coach cars have heat when needed, but the Coach cars do not have air conditioning.

Oil Creek & Titusville Railroad reserves the right to cancel any train ride due to circumstances beyond our control.

Please be aware: we do not have e-tickets. Anyone trying to sell you e-tickets is trying to scam you. You can only be assured to receive verified tickets for any of our events by contacting us directly by phone at 814-676-1733, or by faxing/emailing/mailing reservation form found on our website to us.

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